Pentaho Excellence Awards

2014 Award Winners


Embedded Analytics - ESRG

When large ships, such as those that belong to the US Navy or container ships, are out to sea they do not have the luxury of a repair shop nearby if something goes wrong. ESRG (Engineering Software Reliability Group) has the tools to predict machine behavior to help operators make strategic decisions to prevent failures and improve operational efficiency. ESRG embodies Pentaho's vision for 'delivering the future of analytics.' Seven years ago they launched the OstiaEdge platform that embeds Pentaho’s expertise in bringing cutting edge analytic solutions to their customers. They were one of the first Pentaho customers to deploy the recently released Data Science Pack in Pentaho 5.1 including R and WEKA. With these new predictive capabilities, ESRG can deliver asset optimization, downtime/failure avoidance and cost reduction to their customers. Looking toward the future, ESRG is currently creating additional value for 1000’s of assets and predicting they will reach tens of thousands of assets globally in the coming years – making sure that no one is left out to sea.