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Delivering Governed Data for Analytics

at Scale

Amid unprecedented data growth, how are businesses optimizing their data environments to ensure data governance while creating analytic value? How do they ensure the delivery of trusted and governed data as they integrate data from a variety of sources?

If providing appropriately governed data across all your data sources is a concern, or if the delivery of consistent, accurate, and trusted analytic insights with the best blended data is important to you, then don’t miss “Delivering Governed Data For Analytics At Scale,” an August 2015 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Pentaho.

Download the research to learn:

  • Data source and integration requirements that enable enterprise-scale analytics
  • Top challenges organizations face in governing and delivering data
  • Strategic approaches to ensure data is appropriately governed to support business needs
  • Recommendations on how to successfully develop a data integration and governance framework
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