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Big Data Insights Video Series

Real Time Analytics: Get the Most Value From Your Data

Easing the Pain of Hadoop

Predictive Analytics: Delivering the True Value of Big Data

Learn about advances in computer hardware and how Hadoop, MapReduce and in-database analytics can help you analyze large volumes of data efficiently and how to optimize Hadoop while improving performance and increasing time to value. 

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Gartner defines advanced analytics as the analysis of structured data and content using sophisticated quantitative methods to produce insights that traditional approaches to business intelligence (BI) are unlikely to discover. This shift in usage and investment toward the more advanced end of the analytics continuum will require substantially different processes, resources, technologies, vendors and skills than traditional report development. Join Pentaho for a discussion of what predictive analytics are underway to help organizations capture a competitive advantage and reap the future of analytics.

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Join James Dixon, CTO from Pentaho as he discusses the latest technologies that dramatically reduce data processing cycle times in a heterogeneous big data environment.  James will discuss the realities of "real-time" big data analytics today, a different architecture for data stack and the phases of analytics from data distillation to model refresh.

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Pentaho is at the forefront of innovating new capabilities with a newly formed “think tank”, Pentaho Labs. Our lab industry experts and data scientists are ready to share their vision and insights in big data integration and analytics to set your company on a journey into the future.  Join us for this intriguing video series.