Reducing the Implementation Efforts of Hadoop, NoSQL and Analytical Databases

It’s easy to put a working script together as part of an R&D project, but it’s not cost effective to maintain it throughout an ever building stream of user change requests, system and product updates. 

 Join our 45-minute webinar and learn how choosing the right technologies and tools, can provide you the agility and flexibility to:

  • Orchestrate the environment and transform the data without coding -- reducing development times and scripting mistakes
  • Execute in the cluster without java coding – super-charging performance and scalability
  • Abstract the development layer from platform changes with better execution control


Featured Speakers:
Terilyn Palanca, Director of Big Data Product Marketing, Pentaho
Chuck Yarbrough, Product Marketing, Pentaho 


For questions, contact Rob Morrison at rmorrison@pentaho.com.