Pentaho's Attendance at FIMA Europe 2017

QEII Centre, London | 8th - 9th November, 2017

We are excited to announce our participation at the upcoming FIMA Europe event. Book a meeting in advance with us where we can discuss how we can help you better understand:

  • The hottest trends in financial services - robo-investing and applying IOT to risk management
  • How some of our customers are applying artificial intelligence to create new value
  • How to keep your Big Data Lake from turning into a Data Swamp

Pentaho speaking at FIMA

Come join us on Thursday, 9th November in the "Future Data Architecture" track at 14:20, where we will be speaking about: "Dealing with Dirty Big Data. Using Advanced Analytics to Manage Risk, Cost and AI."

  • Garbage In Garbage Out – how to minimise the tedium of dealing with dirty data
  • Keeping the best data engineers and scientists – how to go beyond menial and repetitive data cleansing tasks
  • AI and risk management for Financial Services – investing robots and IOT for Insurers
  • Deep Learning vs Machine learning, and keeping it all up to date

Creating new business services through artificial intelligence can only be done with cleaner data, motivated data scientists and engineers and reasonable learning curves. The making and productionising of “data pipelines” to train and update artificial intelligence models is essential. Doing this at scale and robustly across whole corporate data silos is what will drive better governance and risk management as well as whole new streams of revenue.

Meet the team

Our financial services experts, David Hill and Jon Nevin will be on stand to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to request a meeting with them or drop by booth 9.

Pre-book your meeting