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Time to act: making the most of your data

Join this Pentaho hosted webinar, featuring Martha Bennett of Forrester Research Inc, to take a look at what your data could do for you.

Whether it's improved cross-sell rates, reduced fraud rates or a more accurate risk summary - banks and insurers have been reaping the benefits of the latest technologies that allow them to get maximum benefit from the data they have access to. In many cases, the technologies they've been using are often referred to as 'big data'.

In this webinar, Forrester Principal Analyst Martha Bennett will:

  • Outline what 'big data' is really about in a banking and insurance context - and what it isn't 
  • Provide examples of how retail banks, wealth managers, investment banks and insurers are finding new ways of getting value out of their data 
  • Explain why new approaches are needed in terms of people, process and technology to compete in a data-driven environment 
  • Share best practices and lessons learnt


Tuesday 22nd July, 2014
11am GMT


Martha Bennett

Principal Analyst serving Application Development & Delivery Professionals, Forrester Research

Justyn Goodenough, Pentaho