Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimization with Hadoop Big Data 

With exploding data volumes, increasing costs of the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), and a raising demand for high-performance analytics, companies have no choice but to reduce the strain on their data warehouse and leverage Hadoop’s economies of scale for data processing.  

Join our 45-minute webinar and learn how using Hadoop to Optimize the Data Warehouse gives you:

  • Processing power. Your standard ETL and database environment can’t handle the uptake in data volumes and the window available to process data is getting too tight.

  • No more 'dark' archiving. Archiving data off the DWH for hygiene purposes is a good strategy but you don’t want it to go dark. Leveraging Hadoop keeps your data available for broader analytics and searches.

  • Add new data sources without disturbing the DWH. New data is being made available, from machine generated data to a variety of man made unstructured data. Business users want to tap into that data immediately, without having to wait until IT has figured how to structure this into the DWH. Levraging Hadoop, users can tap into the valueable data, while keeping the DWH lean and performing.

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Featured Speakers:
Alan Marsden, Senior Solutions Consultant, Pentaho
Davy Nys, Vice President, EMEA & APAC, Pentaho

For questions, contact Rob Morrison at rmorrison@pentaho.com.